Monday, July 27, 2009

Perspective views?

I recently purchased the July 2009 issue of American art collector magazine to aid
in giving me insight as to what collectors & galleries look for in artwork. It is a great tool
for me so far in an information & ideas capacity. I would recommend it to other artist just
starting to market their works. There is however one item in this magazine that I'm not
too fond of. It's that little "price range indicator" box. It states that it gives an idea of
what price a potential buyer might pay for a particular artists work. The part that troubles
me is the "small", "medium" , & "large" part. What no "jumbo" eggs available? Or is that
Cups of coffee? Or maybe it's fries with the burger! I don't know about other artists, but
I tend to mark down my hours that are spent on research & the actual time spent on the
certain piece I'm working on. Not to mention the cost of materials I might purchase to
complete the project. So whats the deal are we selling coffee, or producing art? Does
anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grey skies

The last two days have been overcast with gray clouds. This has
been making it hard to finish my latest piece of artwork. I may just
have to use artificial lighting although I prefer natural sunlight. It
should be done by this weekend none-the-less.
I came across some of my old poems and lyrics the other
day. I would like to share one here.
"I know what I can do with a word
an idea or a feeling
Let me show you,
the extent of my ability
the length of my soul
The words are my paint,
the pen is my brush
I create and destroy
at my own free will"

copyright - T.L. Anderson - 1978

Wow, I was only 20yrs young! What the hell happened? I thought I was
always going to be around that age! :)
Got to get some work done. See ya later.