Monday, August 17, 2009

Giving thanks to those that have taught,helped & inspire with my artwork.

Just wanted to thank those that aided in the learning & development of
my artwork. ;
At Lincoln High school: Mr Louis Fusco
Ms Joyce Pashalian
At Rhode Island college: Proffesor Horvat

From publications(As a youth): Victor Perard- Drawing trees- Copyright 1945
Joy Postle- Drawing birds- Copyright 1963
Conni Gordon-oil painting books--12 lesson,
Landscape,Flowers-Copyright,all rights
reserved by Conni Gordon
From publications(recent): Bet Borgeson- The colored pencil(book)- Copyright
Gary Greene- Colored pencil(book)- Copyright 1996
Arlene Steinberg-Masterful color(book) - Copyright
David J. Vanderpool- Pencil drawings-A look into
the art of(book)-Inspiration- Copyright 2008
Alyona Nickelsen-Colored pencil painting bible
(book)- Copyright 2009
Special heartfelt thanks to all the above & to all who I communicate with here on-line!