Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorry, I've been away!

Hello everybody,
So sorry I've been away for a stretch, but for one thing I had a minor medical issue to attend to.
The other issues are emotional as I am in that roller coaster period from Oct.31st-through- March 24th.
Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas,New year,Feb 13th(my twin sons birthday), March 24th(the ann-
iversary of the death of one of them).......Miss him all year long, but this time frame is an endurance
check for me. This tests my love for others & my resolve to live more so than the rest of the days in
the year.  Like the tides with their ebb and flow, so too go my emotions. Sometimes a little stronger
as if in a seaside storm. I have yet to be pulled in by the undertow. The message for me is that I am
strong because I am weak, and ask for strength from above, from where the light shines for us all!
Yes these are the days that make me unafraid, if only to survive to give to others.
One other thing is the discouragement of working hard on my artwork, fundraising & just trying to
have a sustainable income in this down economy. Simply put I NEED to get paid for what I do as
much as I do like doing volunteer service! The two must go hand in hand! I now must go get some
work done.....till' later... Peace & take care.