Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shoulder weight.

My sisters cancer is once again being treated with chemo.
My wife has filed for a divorce.
I'm still trying to secure a day job.
I'm going to be bankrupt.
I haven't felt much like talking !
Thoughts & prayers are needed.
Thank you.

Rhodes gallery in cumberland R.I. is having an artist of the month event on June 4th, please
make an effort to attend. 7pm-9pm

I am part of the committee for an upcoming show in Sept., Hosted by Chad Jase studios. This
will be a two day event to help give graffiti artist have a transferable system to do work on. It
is to be held on the 17th & 18th.

More later.....take care.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Written from April 27th- May 7th 2010

   And so it is, that in my kingdom of woes,
   the dust from shattered dreams gathers and
   perpetuates the daunting task of mending, which I own.
   Finds me embracing the pain that has been thrust upon me
   while confronting the mountain, with the willingness to climb
   holding frayed ropes and hardware of rust
   I scale facades of rocky obstacles, skin on stone
   bleeding in the emptiness that echoes alone

   Should I reach this peak where no-one is home
   I must shout to the heavens to share this load
   and stand before the mirror until it speaks
   For all who forsake me in my time of need
   don't say you knew me if you did not help me succeed
   to soften the tears of a sturdy man, so you can view me
   without the reflective glass, like an open window
   near the door that lets you in.

        Copyright  T.L. Anderson  2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Friday & Saturday's events (April 30th/May 1st)

The grand opening at Rhodes gallery and studio was a success! There were plenty of people
that came to view the works of art, listen to music & enjoy the company of others. I for one
had a good time mostly striking up conversations & looking at some of the new works since
I last was there! Much thanks to Bonnie & Greg for putting this evening together. I truly
believe it was an enjoyable night for everyone.

Sat. morning I helped with the plantings at Davey Lopes' community garden. It was part of a
series of workshops on urban gardening, etc. put on by Plant Providence
the people at Southside community land trust
I had some fun, met some good people, and , well worked! I'm tired!
                                      Take care.